Renaud Scapin

Pouilly Sur Loire and its Vineyard
The Pouilly vineyard consists of two appellations on a surface of 1250 hectares (2750 acres) : Pouilly Fumé on 1200 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc grape variety and 50 hectares of Chasselas grape variety.
The latter is decreasing.

Exceptional terroirs
Vines have been cultivated from time immemorial on the hillsides of Pouilly. Three soils types are found here :

It is the perfect climate for Sauvignon Blanc
It is no accident that the best Sauvignon wines come from the Pouilly Sur Loire region ! The Sauvignon Blanc grape variety finds a climatic balance in these terroirs bringing it to sublime expression.
Too much heat burns the Sauvignon grape and its aromas become neutral. Without enough sun, ripeness is not reached and vegetal tones jarringly dominate. Pouilly’s continental climate is sufficiently cool and yet temperate thanks to the warmth of the Loire River bringing roundness and richness. Nature’s subtle delicateness has no equal anywhere else.

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